The Cedar County Law Enforcement Center is home to both the Sheriff's Office and the Detention Center.  The Detention Center houses approximately 60 inmates at a time, including inmates from Cedar County as well as several other counties. 

Specific rules apply to anyone detained or visiting.  Visitation is now available through video only that can be accessed from any smart phone, laptop, or computer with a camera.  They also may receive text messages through the City Tele Coin app or website.  You may come to the center and visit via our courtesy lobby kiosk as applies to the following rules. 

1. Visitation hours are normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m..

2. Lobby visits are to be scheduled prior to visit by the inmate.

3. Inmates are allowed only one (1) courtesy visit every seven (7) days.

4. All visitors MUST have valid I.D., children MUST have adult supervision.

5. No person is permited to visit if previously detained within the past six (6) months.

6. Each lobby visit is limited to thirteen (13) minutes.

Items for Inmates

  • Phone, video, and text time may be purchased by the detainee through in house commissary or at
  • Inmates may be brought Bibles.
  • Any money left for inmates to be placed on their account is subject to fee’s being forfeited towards their housing bill.

Cedar County Jail is a TOBACCO FREE facility. Absolutely NO chewing tobacco, cigarettes, rolling papers, loose leaf tobacco of any kind is allowed.



Delivery or concealment on premises of narcotics and liquor or prohibited articles, will be a violation and visitations will be denied as well as any personal items.

221.111 No person shall knowingly deliver, attempt to deliver, have in such person’s possession, deposit or conceal in or about the premises of any county or private jail’ or other county correctional facility:

(1)  Any controlled substances as that term is defined by law, except upon the written    

       Prescription of a licensed physician, dentist, or veterinaries;

(2)  Any other alkaloid of any kind or any spirituous or malt liquor;

(3)  Any article or item of personal property which a prisoner is prohibited by; law or rule          

      made pursuant to section 221.060 from receiving or possessing, except as herein   


(4)  Any gun, knife, weapon, or other article or item of personal property that may be     

      used in such manner as to endanger the safety of security of the institution or as to

      endanger the, life or limb of any prisoner or employee thereof.


The chief operating officer of a county jail or other county correctional facility or the administrator of a private jail, may deny visitation privileges to or refer to the county prosecuting attorney for prosecution of any person who knowingly delivers, attempts to deliver, has in such person’s possession, deposits or conceals n or about the premises of such jail or facility any personal item of personal items allowed in the jail or facility, shall be prominently posted f\or viewing both inside or outside such jail or facility in an area accessible to any visitor and shall be made available to any person requesting such rule or regulation.  Violation of this subsection shall be an infraction if not covered by other statutes





LAST UPDATE: 2018.10.19

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