Military Records Information

Military Discharge Papers (DD214)

Effective August 28, 2003: Military Discharge Papers are regulated pursuant to RSMo 59.480 requiring these records is placed in a restricted and confidential category under the authority of the county Recorder of Deeds. All requests must comply with these regulations. There is no fee for the request form and/or copies the form.



[adopted by the Recorders Association of Missouri pursuant to RSMo 59.480)

I. The authorized party (requestor) section 1 through 4 and sign in the presence of a notary public before presenting the request to the Recorder of Deeds.

1. Record Locator Information.

a.The name of the Veteran and the county that the Military discharge Paper is filed in must be completed.

b. At least one of the following options must be provided in order to identify the requested record:
*Date of Birth
*Social Security, Number; or *Branch and Date(s) of service

c. Type and number of copies requested
Each request form is limited to one Military Discharge Record. Requester must state the number of each type of copy of the record to be requested. The Recorder of Deeds shall determine the maximum number of copies allowed per request.
Authorized Party requesting copy
The name, complete mailing address and the telephone number of the party authorised to make the request must be completed.

d. Authorized Statement
The requestor must complete 1(type of request being made) and 2 type of authority granted by statue either (a or b) The requestor must date and sign as the Authorized Party in the presence of a Notary Pub.. The Recorder of Deeds may request proof of identify and any additional documentation to verify. the request., statutory capacity.


II. The notary public. shall complete section 5 . accordance with state laws.

Section 5. Notary Certificate

The notary shall complete the notary clause in accordance with state laws. This shall inc.., but not limited to an edgiest signature and their seal if applicable.


III. The Recorder of Deeds shall complete the Verification or Rejection Section at the top of the form as follows:
Recorder of Deeds Verification or Rejection

1. The Recorder of Deeds shall complete the Request Verification of the Military Discharge Record Request by:

Assigning a Request Verification Number
Stating the location of the record provided
(he book arui page, index number, eta)
Provide the date the request was completed and fded
Sign or initial the Verification

2. Recorder shall maintain and file the original request form
If a Request for Military Discharge Paper is incomplete or inaccurate, the Recorder of Deeds may reject the request by:
*Assigning a Request Rejection Number
*Stadng the reason under the Request Rejection
*Provide the date the request was rejected
*Sign or initial the rejection
*Reconier shall keep a copy of the rejected request form and return the original to the requester

3. The Recorder of Deeds shall maintain an index separate from the public for all Verifications and Rejections.

4. The Recorder of Deeds shall keep and file all Verifications and Rejections for a period of five years from the date of the Request. The Request Forms are not public records and provided pursuant to RSMo 59.480


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