Recording, Fees, UCC Filings, Copywork and Refunds

In addition to the codument formatting standards shown in Formatting  Standards, documents presented for recording must meet the following statutory requirements. In some cases, charter* counties are well as the City of St. Louis, may have different ordinance regulations pertaining to recording requirements, so we suggest that you contact your county Recorder of Deed for specific information.

*Jackson, St. Charles and St. Louis

  • Fees - Fee to be paid before record made, RSMo 59.320.
  • Notary Public - Documents must be provided or acknowledged according to law, RSMo 59.330.1(1)
  • Legal Description - Documents must contain a legal description. Supplemental Indentures of utility companies and Rural electrical cooperateves are exempted, RSMo 59.330.2.
  • Grantee's Address - All deeds must contain a mailing address of one of the grantees named in the document, RSMo 59.330.2
  • Mortgagee's Address - All Deeds of Trust and Assignments must contain mailing address of the mortgagee or assignee, RSMo 443.35.2.
  • Note Presented - For Deeds of Trust recorded prior to January 1, 1986, the notes must be presented with the Release Deed, RSMo 443.060.1.
  • Note Lost - If the note has been lost of destroyed, an Affidavit of Lost Note must be presented along with the Release Deed, RSMo 443.060.2.
  • Notice 0 Information required fo Notice of Foreclosure, RSMo 443.325.


Real Estate Recording Fees

Real Estate

$24.00 First Page
$3.00 Each Page Thereafter
$25.00 Non Standard Fee if Applicable

Plats and Surveys

Plats (18"X24")

$44.00 1st Page
$25.00 Thereafter
Recorder requires 1 original and 4 copies. All plats have to be approved by the Cedar County Commission before recording.

Surveys (18"X24")
$24.00 1st Page
$5.00 Thereafter
Recorder requires 1 original and 4 coppies.

Copy Work RMSo 59.310.3(2)

For coping or reproducing any recorded instrument a fee not to exceed $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for every page thereafter.
(except Play and Surveys)
$5.00 Page Plats and Surveys (18"X24")


$1.00 Per Document County

Recorder of Deeds, Marriage License Fees

The following schedule is a guidline for non-charter counties. In some cases, charter counties may have different ordinance regulations regarding fees. In addition, RSMo 455205.4 does not apply to all counties. Please contact your county Recorder of Deeds for information regarding their fees.

Marriage License

Copy Work
$9.00 Certified copy of Marriage License

UCC Ficture Filings in Real Estate

use the above realestate document fee

Refund Policy

In order to provide the timely recording of documents, the Rocorder of Cedar County does not refund over payment of documents. The document presented by hand or mail must have the correct fee for recording or it will be rejected until the correct amount of fee is provided.


Recording Time Policy

No Recordings will be accepted after 4:00PM each business day. If any customer is at the counter by 4:00PM, all documents will be recorded that day.

Ducuments presented for recording after 4:00PM, will be recorded commencing at 8:00AM the following business day. Those presenting documents for recording should allow sufficient time for staff to check the documents.

The Recorder's Office Revised Statues are in Chapter 59 in the Missouri Revised Statute Book under County Recorders of Deeds or can be found on-line at the Missouri State website.

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